Welcome to Natural Health Care Clinic. We invite you to experience
how naturopathic medicine can lead you on the path to wellness.

Natural Health Care Clinic is a family wellness clinic, focusing on prevention and health. Our goal is to treat the whole person, helping each individual restore and maintain their health. NHCC was established in 2001, in Cody, Wy to serve the Big Horn Basin, though patients travel from all over the state of Wyoming and Montana to meet with Dr. Ellis. Dr. Ellis is a licensed naturopathic physician who believes in the naturopathic principles: the inherent wisdom of the body, nature cure, doctor as teacher and treating each patient as an individual and with compassion. NHCC has a full dispensary located on site, featuring handmade products, using natural, organic ingredients. To find out more about naturopathic medicine and NHCC, please call 307-527-5577.

Our Therapies Include:
   • Lifestyle choices
   • Nutrition
   • Stress Management
   • Detoxifying cleanses
   • Hydrotherapy
   • Herbal Medicine
   • Homeopathy
   • Body Work (Bowen Therapy and Somatic Re-Education).






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